Dowen Farmer gets go ahead for remodelling of Angel resi block | News

Dowen Farmer gets go ahead for remodelling of Angel resi block | News


White Lion Street - Visual

Dowen Farmer has won planning approval for extensive changes to an apartment building on White Lion Street in Angel, Islington. 

The project has been developed in collaboration with project manager Artform for Centurion Real Estate, and aims to rejuvenate the former industrial building through a series of significant renovations and additions.

The proposed changes include a two-storey rooftop extension, an overhaul of the existing building, improvements to the existing residences, and the introduction of lift access to all floors, ensuring improved accessibility. Additionally, the project intends to add two new residential apartments to the building.

Given its heritage-sensitive surroundings and the constraints imposed by the existing built environment, the site presented a number of challenges for the project team. The building, a post-war concrete frame multi-storey structure, features an undercroft leading to a shared rear courtyard, which is utilised by several parties, including a nursery. Overcoming issues related to overlooking and daylight impacts required thorough analysis, careful layout design, and screening solutions.

Massing considerations played an important part in the project’s design. The design team drew inspiration for the proposed extension from the architectural language of nearby buildings on White Lion Street. During the design phase, the team referenced the window proportions, facade rhythms, fenestration, roof-scapes, and massing of the adjacent structures.

The massing strategy takes into account the varying parapet heights along White Lion Street, which ascend from east to west. The project’s facade design emphasises a stratification of levels, incorporating a robust ground floor podium, a delineated grid, and a setback extension featuring a different material. 

Project information

Project Name: White Lion Street

Gross Built Area: 550 SQM

Project Location: Angel, Islington

Program: Residential

Lead Architects: Dowen Farmer Architects

Client: Centurion Real Estate

Planning Consultant: Maddox Planning

Project Manager: Artform Group

Sustainability: EB7

Fire Consultant: Magnus Opifex

Daylight Consultant: Herrington Consulting

Structural Engineer: London Structures Lab

Acoustician: ALN Acoustic Design

Visual Credits: Alex Dormon



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