The way we think we must think in the same context as the civilized world, that technology should replace traditional solutions  the idea should help achieve sustainability and reduce waste of resources thinking must be based on previous experiences in the field and aware of the stages of production it must provide a solution to an existing or potential problem or reduce its effects  the solution is easy to use and can be spread over a large geographical area FINALLY should we not stop thinking about finding more solutions and not believe in the idea of persistence, then a final vision can never be presented.


Hesham Malek
CEO / Founder


Sherif Salah
Graphic Designer


Hadi Qassumah
Commercial Manager


Shehab Mostafa

1.0 Executive Summary

Profitable sustainability, Forge a new path for the way we shop…

We offer a unique SOLUTION to sustainability, targeting

_ Brands and producers:

          No more guessing and speculation, no more dead stock, and warehousing costs 2BETREND is committed to disrupting the vicious consumer goods life cycle — from ‘new’ to ‘on sale’ to liquidation and dumping. Stop overproduction at its source!

_ Planet:

You can’t be truly sustainable unless you stop producing products that the world doesn’t need or want

It’s not EITHER (planet and sustainable practice) OR (money and profit) anymore. You can have BOTH. The way to achieve it? Changing the way you operate.


Very simply, if I can figure out what customers need, why? and why? and why I am using my resources and providing production that customers do not need or providing what I think they might need

2.0 General Company Description

2.1 What will Our company do?

We aim to establish an e-commerce site based on the idea of customized -on-demand production With regard to printing operations first and then moving to full production in some products By entering the site, the customer can choose between a number of products that fall and are divided into different categories such as clothes of all kinds – T[1]shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, trousers, swimwear … etc. And through bags, shoe curtains, wallpapers, room walkers, tablets, mugs, notebooks, and many other products, whether For personal use or for publicity and advertisement, with one click of a button, he chooses the design he wants and determines its dimensions and colors without any need for the design expertise, whether from a computer or phone, The customer can request a custom design or any modifications through the site,

2.2 What Are Our Company’s Goals & Objectives?

The company has the following goals: Sustainability as we have to save our planet (our main partner will be a waste clothes recycler)Profits by making little changes in the way we operate we will reduce the production costs responsibility as we will help small producers to look as huge manufacture (for ex one bag model can display in 1000 variation)   
The main factor is :
 we will not offer the customer some variation of products but we give them a tool that helps them custom their product (ex he needs a t-shirt with a huge anime print on the back or just a small symbol on a sleeve, she needs a scarf with black and white circles or yellow and blue lines, she need sports legging compatible with hair color, save your time looking for a new sofa cover or mat pattern, mix your slipper with your cash or scarf with bags and etc)    
I have no doubt that we will provide the customer with his needs and according to his desires, and we will focus on providing the best quality and we will guarantee the best price because we have eliminated the burdens of excessive production, warehouse, and marketing expenses